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Mud Pie Reversible Gold Chain Monogram Necklace

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Mud Pie Reversible Gold Chain Monogram Necklace

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This reversible gold chain necklace is the perfect accessory for that dress-up or casual outfit! The medallion is not only reversible, but ready for that special monogram!

The gold side of the medallion is embossed with the emblem "Victor AACCCI" which is a replica of a Germanic gold coin of Theodebert I 'King of Metz', Ruler in Austasia and Neustria (AD 534-548) signifying the abundance of gold in the possession of the king at that time in our world's history. Fun tidbit, huh? 

With several medallion colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match and a bit of historical trivia as well! 

  • Gold Chain
  • Reversible Medallion 
  • Monogram 
  • 36" Chain

Item No 8603239

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