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How to Drink & Not Look/Idiot

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How to Drink & Not Look/Idiot

Friday night at the bar in town: revellers swig beer, slam shots, and repeat until failure. Happy hour turns into falafel o’clock, then everyone staggers home, job done. Most of us have been there (and had fun doing it), but there comes a time when you want to graduate from downing cheap booze in sticky venues to something a little more sophisticated. And, as the flood of new artisan alcohols and serious bars we’re currently enjoying attest, refinement is enjoying a resurgence—which means there has never been a better time to know how to drink and not look like an idiot.

The helpful chapters in How to Drink will provide the tips, tricks, and tools to ensure you know what you’re doing, whether you’re in a high-end restaurant or navigating a high-street cocktail menu. So if you want to know how to match wine with your evening meal, why you should sip a single malt rather than slam it, how to prepare for an all-day drinking event, or how to build a home liquor cabinet, then read on.

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