Shelby Janes and Bryce Talburt

Shelby Janes and Bryce Talburt

Wedding Date: October 24, 2020 at The Forest Event Center

Wedding Reception: October 24, 2020 at The Forest Event Center

Wedding Shower: August, 8th. 

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Mud Pie Beaded Wood Tray 4074133
Mud Pie Beaded Pedestal Serving Bowl
Gold Quatrefoil Lamp
Wood Gray Basket
Wood Gray Basket
From $32.99
Wood Large Wall Sign "Family" Size 14 x 1.5 x 24"  Item No 18316
Count Your Blessing Sign    Size 17.25" x 17.25"
Mr & Mrs Binder Clip Invitation Frame by Mud Pie La Boutique
Brayden & Brooks Custom Laurel Wall Art 30x30 rustic
Mud Pie Vertical Planked Crochet Bow Frame 4695266
Mud Pie Fiesta Chip & Dip Serving Set 41800009
Mud Pie Rustic Tin Soap Caddy Set 42600150
Gather Circle Cutout 3D Wall Sign
Oval Metal Basket
Circa Canister Doorknob Set by Mud Pie La Boutique
Nolan Table Lamp
Mud Pie Chip Off The Old Block Stacked Chip & Dip Set
Mud Pie Burger Bar Ceramic Garnish Platter
Mud Pie Bistro Sentiment Large Platter 40700070
Mud Pie Grillin' Utensil Set
Laser Cut Trees Set of Three 69598
Mud Pie Taco Salad To Me Circa Salad Bowl Set
All My Love All My Life Wood Picture Frame by Mud Pie
Mud Pie Initial Copper & Marble Cutting Board T
Mud Pie First Look Wood Picture Frame
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